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Updated on 25 Settembre 2017.

I am back in Berlin after having traveled for 8 months through Asia, and a short break of 3/4 months in Italy.

I am learning to become Javascript Web Developer being already a C++ Developer with a master degree in Computer Science. I’ve explored Front End and mobile with React, React Native, and Redux of which I love the minimalistic approach despite having a few concerns about their distribution license which I hope they will solve soon. I have done the first part of the FreeCodeCamp bootcamp and obtained the Front End Developer certificate.

I am currently deepening my knowledge of Javascript Fundamentals digging into YDKJ and JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts. I expect soon to be ready to learn more about Node.JS.

I evaluate job offers as Javascript Web Developer/Engineer, also from remote.

I try to annotate on this new blog the things and concepts that keep flying away from my mind.

I maintain the always growing open source template Simple Blog Theme, which has been a long and fun way to learning the Jekyll way of blogging.

Again, I am on the quest of learning German, this time using Babbel, with a few progress. Slowly, I keep going on.

Since three years already, I organize a cultural/language meet-up for Italians and Germans, and now that I am back in town I will keep doing it in person every Friday evening.

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