I am Lorenzo. Nerd, Traveler, and Software Engineer.

I am specializing in Javascript. Its ecosystem is so wide that satisfies my hunger for being able to create something that could be directly used by someone.

There is a page which tells you what exactly I am doing Now.

Why this blog

After an intense full-time learning period of a few months, I realized that I could not keep all the ideas and concepts in mind as I was always adding new topics and not practicing them enough to memorize. Therefore I’ve decided to take the approach learn it as you would teach it, and created this tech blog to gather ideas, notes, and things I learn daily. Another personal blog updated from time to time, not frequently.

Short Bio

I have always been coding as far as I remember. I went from GW-Basic, (Turbo) Pascal, Asm x86, a brief glorious Visual Basic, to C++. That was happening also while playing Monkey Island I and II. During University in Pisa, I gained and refined knowledge for algorithms, data structures and parallel architectures, together with C++ and Java. I enjoyed much the period at the TUM in Muenchen where I spent a lot of time learning, working, writing my thesis, more time in their AR labs, and drinking Augustiner at the HB. I got a MSc in Computer Science in 2012.

About this blog

This blog uses Jekyll but it could have been done in Wordpress as well. I felt that I had to explore my front end abilities while learning Javascript so I’ve decided to go for Jekyll. It is currently hosted by Gitlab pages, while the strict https support is offered for free by CloudFlare.

The theme I use is called Simple Blog Theme and it was done by myself taking the best from two of the most famous themes for Jekyll (Minima and Cayman), obtaining in the first place the Cayman Blog Theme, and then adding cool features like SEO support, multi-language, reading time, Facebook mirrored comments, RSS, social icons on the footer, and other small details I’ve spent too much time on, like narrowing the width of the main section to improve readability.

Simple Blog Theme and Cayman Blog Theme are open source on Gitlab and Github, feel free to open a PR or file an issue.

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