I am a software engineer, traveller, and big fan of minimalistic and healthy life-style.

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I re-post on my Facebook page some articles I am interested in myself: I like the idea of bookmarking them with a small note aside. You can follow my stream of thoughts when you click Like Page below.

Why this blog

I admit that I can’t keep all the ideas and concepts in mind. Therefore I’ve decided to take the approach learn it as you would teach it, and created this blog to gather ideas, notes, and things I learn.

Short Bio

I have a master degree in Computer Science and years of experience with C++, and other languages.

Lately I was so lucky to work as C++ software engineer in the R&D department of a very bright and professional company where I learnt a lot catching up with C++11 and best practices.

I am now dedicating more time learning about Javascript and Web Development, and currently my attention is focused on WordPress and WooCommerce development.

I’ve previously explored Front End and mobile with React, React Native, and Redux of which I love the minimalistic approach.

I got the FreeCodeCamp Front End Developer certificate: their path helped me out a lot staying in track.

I then went through the Javascript Fundamentals digging into YDKJ and JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts.

About this blog

This blog uses Jekyll but it could have been done in Wordpress as well. I felt that I had to explore my front end abilities while learning Javascript so I’ve decided to go for Jekyll. It is currently hosted by Gitlab pages, while the strict https support is offered for free by CloudFlare.

The theme I use is called Simple Blog Theme and it was done by myself taking the best from two of the most famous themes for Jekyll (Minima and Cayman), obtaining in the first place the Cayman Blog Theme, and then adding cool features like SEO support, multi-language, reading time, Facebook mirrored comments, RSS, social icons on the footer, and other small details I’ve spent too much time on, like narrowing the width of the main section to improve readability.

Simple Blog Theme and Cayman Blog Theme are open source on Gitlab and Github, feel free to open a PR or file an issue.

Contact me

Feel free to contact me for any question or proposal. In this period I evaluate only part-time job offers from remote. Write me a message using Facebook’s plugin below, or contact me through Linkedin.

If you are a head-hunter, before writing me please consider carefully if I am really a good fit for that position. Preparing for a tech interview is time consuming, and none of us wants to waste each others time. Thanks.

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